Bookman Graphics Product Lines

Bookman Graphics products are sold in several stores, including Back Home Again in Lititz, The Colored Coat in Lancaster and Pebbles and Lace in Strasburg. To purchase any of these products, or to receive a PDF catalog of them, please email me at or complete the contact form. All products can be shipped within the US/Canada and many of them can be customized with your personal message or favorite Bible verse.

I am working on a web store ... thanks for your patience!

Scripture Unwrapped™ 

Scripture Unwrapped prints feature a short Bible verse surrounded by colorful art that explains what the verse says

and how to apply it. Verses available: Philippians 4:6-8, Jeremiah 29:11-13, and ​Romans 12:1-2.


cuteSHORTnotes are flat, quarter-page note cards with sweet sentiments, Bible verses, or custom designs on them

and just the right amount of space for a hand-written message. They are sold in boxes of 8 cards and colorful envelopes.

YMLY Cards™ & Gifts 

YMLY cards were designed to be sent to kids away at college (although many could be stuck in a backpack or under a pillow for kids still at home).

Send a little encouragement, a laugh, or some money in a fun card. Everyone loves mail .... especially college kids! 

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Everyone loves to get mail! Postcards are a nice, easy, inexpensive way to brighten someone's mailbox and let them know they matter. Bookman Graphic postcards include Pathetic Traveler™ cards, as well as other fun cards and local photo postcards from Lititz and Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Lucketts and Northern Virginia.

Bookman Graphics Notepads & Paper Products 

Bookman Graphics sells LOTS of original greeting cards for all kinds of occasions, along with two sizes of little notepads, Itty Bitty (3" x 5") and Quarter Page that feature a variety of fun sayings and to-do lists.